The Benefits of Hiring Pest Exterminators

Nobody wants to live with pests in their home. At the first signs of the pest, the right thing to do is to hire the best pest exterminators in Georgetown to handle the problem. Don’t attempt to do things on your own as you may not have the technical capacity to eliminate pests such as ants, rodents, termites, bed bugs, and others.

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Furthermore, you enjoy a lot of other benefits if you choose to work with professionals instead of handling things your way. You’ll get far long-term better results. Their expertise in handling the matter can’t be denied. Here are more of the benefits that you’ll enjoy:

1. Safer pest removal

If you’ll eliminate pests on your own, what would be your method of choice? Pest control companies know exactly how to deal with what kind of pest in a specific location and at a particular outdoor condition. They have products that they have used many times before, which are known to be effective. Homeowners are not well-versed when it comes to handling these chemicals, which is why the whole project may be hazardous to them.

Right now, a lot of pest control companies are using green products in eliminating pests. This means that the substances they use are safe for your home and the environment, including kids and pets. This is why you should call the experts. They won’t just get the job done, but they will also ensure that your family is safe throughout the process. While you think that using the chemical sprays that are easily accessible from hardware stores will suffice, you have to realize that they contain hazardous chemicals that’ll affect your family.

2. Long-term prevention

When you call up the experts, you can almost be sure that their pest control methods are long-term. Right off the bat, they will tell you what needs to be done to eliminate the pests in your home and keep them away permanently.

They’ll set your expectations right, as pest control is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes time, no matter what time of product you use. The key is to protect your home from further invasions why eliminating the pests that have already infested your home. The best pest control companies provide adequate monitoring of the situation during the course of the project and later on during the maintenance process.

3. Minimized risks

There are many risks associated with pest control and not all homeowners realize it. For instance, eliminating a killer bee could trigger the whole hive to swarm you. It all boils down to using the right proper elimination methods for each type of pest or you might suffer some consequences. Pests are hazardous on their own. Bees can swarm you and mice carry deadly diseases. If you hire an exterminator to handle the issue, then all the risks associated with pest control are handled accordingly.

Try not to rely too much on pest control products available off the shelves. While they’re good for a temporary one-off solution, only a trusted pest control company can help you get rid of pests for good.


Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer poses a threat for pest infestation no matter where you live. Some of the most common pests that can invade your home are bed bugs, carpenter ants, bees, and bats. You have to brace yourself for the impact in case you don’t have the proper defenses in place.

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While you don’t think that your home will ever have a problem with these pests, think again. You may not notice them right now. But once they have invaded your home, their presence will become very hard to ignore. Plus, they can destroy your home and you have no choice but to shell out some hard-earned money for repairs.

Common Types of Summer Pests

If you’re interested in the common types of pests that invade homes during summer, read on. Knowing a little bit more about what they are can help you in protecting your home from them. However, the best way to go about it is to hire a professional pest exterminator San Marcos.

1. Bats

Bats are mammals that may actually be helpful in eliminating other pests. However, they, too, need a place for themselves. If they choose your attic to be their resting place, then you’ll have a problem because they’re messy and noisy. While they won’t chew up anything, bats leave urine and guano and in your home. The damage that they make can get so intensive if you don’t do something about it immediately.

2. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ant infestation may not be as frequent as termite infestation but these pests can do a lot of damage too. They tend to dig on wood to make a nest. If they choose your house’s foundation to do that, then they will make the beams weaker. If their colony grows larger, then they can make threaten the stability of your home. That could mean expensive repairs on your part.

3. Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are the large, single bees that chew on wood, making small galleries in it. As such, they do a lot of damage to decks, fences, eaves, and siding. To make sure that your home is protected from carpenter bees, be sure that all wood that is exposed duly painted or treated. They rarely attach painted or stained wood.

4. Bed bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs can be quite expensive. The best way to handle them is to hire professional pest control experts. It’s because eliminating them requires the use of specialized tools, such as commercial steam and heating devices. You can’t very well use pesticides on your bed to get rid of bed bugs because that’s hazardous. Furthermore, bed bugs don’t really hide on your mattress. They hide in dark places like behind baseboards.

These are the pests that you’re likely to deal with this summer. The best piece of advice you can take is never to handle things on your own. The pesticides you see in stores can only do so much. If it has become a large-scale infestation, it is best to call in the experts. They won’t only make sure that these pests get eliminated, but they’ll also see to it that they won’t come back ever again.