Lawn Maintenance Tips for Your First House this Spring

It is your first home and your first time experiencing spring after a prolonged winter. Are you prepared to do what it takes to make your lawn green and lush? A lawn that you can walk around while not wearing any foot\ cover, relax and sit back with friends, or throw a ball to the dog? If you want some help, we will provide you some tips to aid you in getting on the right track and make your house eye-catching. 

A cold and long winter can only cause your yard to look worn out and tired. Hence, you need to know the following brief tips to help make your lawn look vibrant, lush, and green this springtime. 

  • You need to provide your lawn a bit of raking first. This can help eliminate snow mold and lift up matted grass by fluffing it up so that sunlight and air can reach into the soil.  
  • Do some premature seeding on thin and bare areas of your yard. You need to reseed those patches and spots that need to be revitalized as soon as possible. Moreover, this is because these are the spots where weeds tend to grow first.  
  • Make sure to have your soil professionally tested. There’s always a possibility that your soil may have a poor pH or lacks the basic nutrients, which can impact the total look and health of your lawn. Inspect in your area for lawn care or nurseries company that will provide samples for you. Moreover, you can always purchase DIY kits for the meantime. 
  • Fertilize early  
  • If you failed to fertilize in mid-late fall, your yard will be searching for food. To assist with early spring development, you need to fertilize your yard now so that both the below and above ground are simulated.  
  • Ensure that your 1st cut is short—approximately 1-1/2 inches if you want to trim away a few dead kinds of grass that are leftover from last fall. Moreover, it will let sunlight to warm up the soil more rapidly. In this case, stimulating development and letting sunlight to extend to grass blades that are newly developing.  
  • Remove unwanted weeds within your yard. If you still haven’t known it. Weeds can be your worst nightmare when it comes to landscaping. It appears that each time you pull a weed, they still revive and grow back. Although, they commonly have deep roots, which lets them regrow and quickly spread especially when they aren’t properly pulled out.  
  • If you try to pull weeds manually, you need to guarantee that you get a hand shovel for you to ensure that you have dug up all of their roots. When your lawn has been overtaken by weeds, you need to request for a yard care service in Reno from the lawn experts, specifically a lawn treatment. A lot of home gardening stores can give you DIY treatments that you can utilize, however, when you see that even that’s not functioning, you w